Go back

When they snarl, “go back to your own country”, what is the right response?

I have heard the retort, “but this is my country!”

But that is not for me, because this is is distinctly not my country.

Neither is that country—the one I came from.

Nor is this country usually theirs—the instigators'.

Countries are not real, anyway.

What about “the place I came from”? Probably like our firebrand foe, I come from many places. Which one should I go back to?

Perhaps our agitator should confer with the reactionaries of all those places, to determine the best solution, first.

The right response seems to be, “this is not my country, not your country, not a country; and I won't go back, I can't go forward, and neither, in all likelihood, can you; now where shall we go from here?”